Laraib Atta-Pakistani VFX Artist in Hollywood

Recently, daughter of Pakistani Musical Legend, Attaullah Khan, Laraib atta, was found taking hollywood by storm. Laraib is first ever Visual Effect artist working in Hollywood from South Asia.

Have you watched,  X-Men, Godzilla, Gravity, the Chronicles of Narnia, 10,000 BC, Prince of Persia and Sweeney Todd? 

If yes, then you saw the visual effects magic by Laraib Atta in these movies. Aslan from Narnia was created by a team, lead by Laraib Atta.

And the best thing about Laraib and her journey is that, she is just 19 years old! She started working for Hollywood in a very younger age, and she started her career with different advertisements for Disney, Rolling Stones, and George Michael. Her services for Hollywood also include visual effects for World Class events like Olympics in China, and Nike Football Promotion League.

In Hollywood, Laraib is playing a noble role as Ambassador of Pakistan, and she is representing a Pakistan, which is progressive, and is leading the world! Her work made the world recognize Pakistan, and Pakistani’s and we are glad that Laraib and her efforts are representing Pakistan to the world, for all the right reasons and in a right way!

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