Pakistan-The Next IT Industry of World!

  1. Pakistan’s IT Services and Software exports are $1.6 Billion/year!
  2. Pakistan’s IT Experts are ranked second on Freelancer, and 4th on Upwork!
  3. Pakistan’s share in global IT Services is $2.8 Billion!
  4. Pakistani IT Industry produced i2c (World’s best online payment system), Convo, Eyedeus Labs, Axact’s Free Top Class Antivirus, Systems Limited & NetSOl and people like Umar Saif, Kalsoom Lakhani,Khurram Zafar, Jehan Ara, Maryam Mohiuddin, Faisal Khan and others who revolutionized the IT Industry of Pakistan!
  5. A Pakistani Entrepreneur is running an Software Security Company, Fire Eye, and the worth of Fire Eye, is 6.5 Billion US Dollars.
  6. Pakistan is producing more than 25000 computer graduates every year, and these kick ass computer geeks are entering National as well international market!
  7. Pakistan produced VFX Artists, like Laraib Atta, and the title animation sequence of Game of Thrones was produced by Hameed Shaukar, A US Born Pakistani.
  8. Mir Zafar, won three Oscar Awards for his VFX work in movies like The Golden Compass, Life of Pi and Frozen. 
  9. Namira Salim traveled to space on World’s First Commercial Flight.
  10. Novaira Masood has proved her Talent by magnificent visual effects  in World

    famous Hollywood movies, Maleficient, A Christmas Carol, Mars needs Moms, Thor, Transformers 3 and Jack the Giant Slayer.

  11. Cricket Companion App, a world wide recognized app was developed by a Pakistani Software House.
  12. JawBone, Hosain Rahman both are running two start ups in Silicon Valley with worth more than 23 M $.

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