Zenith Irfan-Woman on Wheels

Motorcycle diary of the first Pakistani girl who dared to ride solo through northern areas

Rebeing  boundaries our society put in , a 20 year old woman started a journey through the Kashmir belt. It  made her singly travels even more remarkable is choosing motorcycle.

Inspired by the dream of her deceased father who  wished her to travel the planet on a motorbike, metropolis primarily based celestial point Irfan traveled through Cashmere, riding motorbike models together with Honda a hundred twenty five, Honda CD -70 and Suzuki GS-150.

Wearing a white helmet and backpack fastidiously tied at the rear of her motorbike, she raced on the harmful piece of land of northern West Pakistan. The daredevil started her six day journey from metropolis on Gregorian calendar month ordinal and completed it on Gregorian calendar month twentieth.


She didn’t encounter any resistance once she determined to form this journey. Her mother may be a terribly liberal lady. In fact, she was the one who impelled and pushed her to ride a motorbike.

Riding a bike is substitutable to difficult social norms. this can be the terribly perception that she aims to alter along with her motorbike adventures.

She describes herself as a free hearted soul, that is obvious from her Facebook photos, during which she will be able to be seen crossing a stream, disbursement time among remote tribes, fiddling with village youngsters and loving the brave truck drivers.


Despite the troublesome terrains and Rockies, one factor she found difficult was public stares. She same that being a Pakistani girl there square measure sure limitations, she got to calculate her speech and visual communication.

“With my motorcycle adventures, I aim to elevate and encourage them (women) to embrace their passions and goals, with open arms.” -Zenith Irfan

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