What our Media is impinging upon minds?

Military only shows one side of picture, Punjabi are killed as soon as they enter Baluchistan, our politicians are mere puppets of our military etc. These are few key concepts that media has inculcated in our minds through biased talk shows, paid hosts, anchor persons or politicians like Sheikh Rasheed who give statements only for the sake of their political career survival.

We have seen power of social media in recent past, either its Mr Edhi’s unforgettable services to humanity that are known around the world or Qandeel Baloch’s scandalized videos which were though highly criticized but still got viral across the borders. The thing which bothers most about social media is everything gets famous, gets viral within lap of few seconds and one can become internet sensation from an ordinary person over a night.

Now, the thing which needs to be monitored is what sort of content is posted on social media more specifically about Pakistan, as our media holds the highest level of freedom of speech whereas rest of the states provide only 20 to 25% of information to their media. We have never see any content related to India’s military or USA internal political situation openly on media that is why because they have legitimatized their media. Apart from this any post that is against India or so are also took down from social media,recently Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post in which he praised separatist commander Burhan Wani killed by Indian forces in Indian-held Kashmir was also deleted from Facebook and this time they don’t even had any justified reason for removing his post. On one side media supports “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” whereas on other hand if one really uses bold expressions his/her views are restricted.WHY IS IT SO? Because they cannot put enough money in their mouth or they are not foreign nationals or they most probably be terrorist from Pakistan.

This is something which our media needs to consider like what sort of image world’s states are portraying on social media regarding their state and how we have been portrayed or exposed to world. Current media lacks the interpretation of their own stances, on one hand they promote liberty, right to speech while on the other hand posts are removed. Media should decide their dimension and rebuild their efforts for the productivity of Pakistan not their ratings.

Author: Layba javed is doing BS (hon) in Defence & Diplomatic Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi

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