Turbulent Afghanistan

Relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan are very complex when we see them through the lens of security issues, both states blame each other for the terrorists attacks which are carried out by a third party which surely doesn’t want any kind of peace and stability in the region. In recent attacks by terrorists in Kabul, Helmand and Kandahar 60 innocent lives were taken and in a telephonic conversation President Ghani told COAS of Pakistan that terrorists move and operate freely from Pakistan. Although this was something which is not based on facts but on a culture and norm and that is followed by every leader coming into power in Afghanistan. Since USA invaded Afghanistan there have been an extreme rise in anti-state activities and bomb blasts in one of them. Afghan government doesn’t have its writ in any province other than Kabul and even in Kabul it acts more like an American puppet. 

There are 28 Indian consulates in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Kunar and Nuristan are known for safe havens of terrorists which carry out the activities against the state of Pakistan. Blaming Pakistan about the terrorist activities is nothing but a very vague statement by the President Ghani which doesn’t even reflect the 5% of the reality. It’s been more than one decade that NATO forces have been failed to bring peace in Afghanistan despite of the latest equipment that they have and are using till now. President Ghani needs to focus more on the war lords who have been acting like mercenary for India and carrying activities so that the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan remain bitter. From operation in FATA to securing the border, Pakistan has been actively taking steps to stop any kind of illegal movement from its side but unfortunately Afghan government has not done anything except opposing the establishment of proper point for movements.

The preferred way is to come to a workable agreement taking into account the political and the security issues which are directly and indirectly effecting the security situation inside Afghanistan. It is necessary for Afghan government to cooperate with Pakistan regarding the peace efforts which have been already done by Pakistan and also about the border management to stop the illegal movements from both sides. Blame game by Afghan side shows the lacking of necessary steps from their side which they want to hide and try to shift blame on Pakistan so that they create an environment of fear and confusion in the regional arena and keep on perusing their political interests which are Pak Centric. Lack of education, jobs and other social issues force the youth either to leave the country or to join the non-state actors which are involved in violence in Afghanistan, the real issue is the policy followed by the Afghan government to make turn a blind eye about own problems.

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