Starlight of Earth |An interview with Afzal Hussain|

Today world is discussing about global warming and its ratio increasing day by day. Last year world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss increasing of temperature. There can be different causes for that some of people think that it is due to the damaging of atmosphere or problem in ozone layer.
To discuss all that this time i’m joined by Mr Afzal Hussain, who is studding Geography from Punjab University via Govt Post Graduate Collage Rawalpindi.

So Mister Respected do you really think that a Global Warming is an world issue?

As you really want my opinion on it then i think “Yes”. If the temperature of the world kept increasing we might see not any type of winter except a name of it. As it is increasing year by year the temperature of world we do gonna see that, if we didn’t our generation for sure gonna witness this. Global warming is becoming an world issue and i think, i do want to make that it is not due to the any human activities.

You mean all the smoke and the waste material getting added in air and damaging our atmosphere doesn’t have to do with it?

They can be the factors for damaging our atmosphere but you can’t make them the only and the main factors. And i think the atmosphere has nothing to do with the global warming as you say for increasing of world temperature. I have a best logic of that. You might had thought and you had been, that atmosphere helps to filter sun rays, the ultraviolet rays which are harmful for the earth life is been blocked at the top. This scenario occurs in day as far as in night atmosphere helps to block the heat rays which are executed by crest of earth. The point which i am trying to make is that if let suppose the atmosphere of Asia is been damage and destroyed completely then we gonna have the same scenario as we do in Mercury. In day it become hottest and at night it became cold because all the heat waves got completely executed back in space after getting in day time.

Deserts also has the same scenario?

There is completely different situation in deserts. Just to make it simple, deserts are been formed by lack of rain and addition of evaporation. You do also have cold deserts.

OK OK please tell me the main reason behind global warming?

As far as i think the distance between Earth and Sun is getting lesser and lesser. In other words Earth started moving towards sun………


Yes and for sure. Everything has an starting and ending point. There are some people which do believe that there is no God. This whole thing is going all by it self but on other hand they do believe on death. So if the people and die, if whole generation of birds and animal can die even each and every dinosaur and die why can’t earth and our solar system?

It is right but how can you say that? Any real time experiment?

The world is witnessing the global warming and they are saying it’s due to atmosphere and i proved it wrong a moments ago. The only think i can understand it’s happening due to summing up of our solar system. That’s the only main reason for global warming.

What Earth gonna witness in climate if it’s getting towards Sun?

You gonna feel much hard and hot summer in every year. Every coming year gonna be warmer then the last one. We gonna see large number of rain around the word in coming years. Global Warming will cause the glacier (which are known as the natural storage of water) to melt. This situation might carry to 300-450 years. After that there will be no Karachi and other cites which are living right next to oceans because there will be no glacier anymore. It do take some time. There will also be no snowfall in any part of world.

Where will be Earth in Thirty century?

Till at that time Earth will be more closed to Sun. In the start of 30th century the water will be completely absent from Earth. Earth will get back on its earlier days when she was new born. And let me tell you one more thing brother… There will be interruption in rotation of Earth. This will cause Sun to rise from west. This will only be for round about 12 hours and it will get back on its routine after that. This might only happened when Earth get to the position of Venus, Where she is now.

If i believe on your theory then tell me why its all about and for what?

As we all know¬† every second the Sun destroys m = E/c2 = 4.3 x 109 kilograms of mass. This mass loss, equivalent to more than 4 million tons per second, is accomplished by fusing 600 million tons of hydrogen into 596 million tons of helium. So for that, Sun needs more energy to shine for long time, for that purpose Sun required more mass. This is the only way from which Sun can get a heavy mass. As James Jeans said the “dying Sun”. So for Sun survival it is the main source for living.

Last Question: How do i believe you?

Well you have the many example in daily life. I want you to obverse the length of shadows of different masses. The shadows are getting smaller and smaller. And to prove authenticity do and experiment with torch.If you still don’t believe me, Than let the time decide.

Thank you very much.

Always pleasure.

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