About Us

The reason, why we made this website is very simple and clear. We wanted to project Pakistan, through another angle. The side which is neglected & hidden. We want to tell the world, about who we are actually! We are not what Google or International Media tells you! We are not stories of bomb blasts, and terrorist attacks. We are not stories of Guns & Grenades. We want to clear up the messed up image of Pakistan around the globe! The Pakistan you See at TV is not Un-Real! We will project the real Pakistan!

Aalishaan Pakistan is here to reveal the TRUTH about Pakistan & Pakistanis. We are breaking the stereotypes here. Pakistan is not what you know! Pakistan is what you dont know!  Here at Aalishaan Pakistan we will tell you, that we are just as ordinary people, like anywhere else in the world!

We will bring stories of HOPE, COURAGE, INSPIRATION & Pakistan to this platform! We will give voice to all those voices who are ambitious to represent the true spirit of Pakistan.

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